• 24/12/12

    Coconut Oil is Suitable for Massaging

    Coconut oil is the best oil for massaging (massage therapy) because of its healing property. Coconut oil makes skin healthy and strong. It can also relax, relieve muscle pain. One good property is, coconut oil doesn’t make stain on clothes or bed sheet. A stain from coconut oil is different from others oil.

    massaging with coconut oil

    Although only coconut oil is appropriate for massaging but it can be easily absorbed by skin, so someone mix coconut oil with another mono-unsaturated-fat oil like almond oil by ratio 1:2. This makes the mixed oil slicker and smoother and better for massaging.

    The massaging oil absorbs through skin and capillaries. Hence, massaging oil selection is very important for health. The principle is, if oil is not good enough to eat, it’s not good enough for massaging too.

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